Sunday, March 24, 2013

Hi, it's a comeback.


This is really awkward. 

It has already been one year ever since i left the blogging system. But somehow, i just read my friend's blog and guessing i should start writing back. Not everyday and always, but sometimes - i mean seldom of course due to my final year and plenty a lot assignments in order to grad.

Well, through out the one year. What did you guys miss? Pretty much like yours too (i guess), people come and go, people change, people get skinny, people gain weight, people are happy, people are sad, situations are mixed up, and yet somehow a person could wake up to a new day and say "Everything is fine.. and i'm fine". 

Basically, right now i'm having my semester break. And i'm at home. My 3 weeks, so much of drama yet i could just crawl into my bed and forget about it tomorrow morning. I've been quite a brat ever since i'm home, as mama always gave me the "special" treatment; the only child treatment and papa always like to spoil me. So yeah, but somehow, i feel sorry for them at times.

So i made a few changes in life especially coming to my priorities. This year i'm 20. The next day i could wake up and be 21. This is where actually life begins. And this is how i'll try put it: A couple of months i'll be graduating from my Diploma in Architecture, the next step is (of course) is BSc. in Architecture, then my masters and so on. Yet i will try to find my "me-time", and have fun and learn to love -finding the right one at the same time. I maybe could be waking up tomorrow being someone's fiancee or even their wife, so let's prepare for a new beginning as it has already started. 

And sometimes i miss my childhood and also school. I mean it's not the same anymore, today's life is tougher and i sometimes could not even pass a  day without crying due to cruelty or even so. 

Hoping for a better tomorrow. 

"A fool's brain digests philosophy into folly, science into superstition, and art into pedantry. Hence University education" - George Bernard Shaw.

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